Artists of the FACTORY

TEN-gallery_Artist_1_Mitchel Schorr.jpeg

Mitchell Schorr


Schorr, perhaps the best known urban mural painter in the world, has painted 3-D murals in and around many of New York City’s parks for more than a decade. His murals have been featured on NY1’s New Yorker of the Week, Fox 5’s Good Day New York, and in the movie New York, I Love You.

ten-gallery-artist_2-sphie Legrand.jpg

Sophie Legrand

Mixed media

In my body of work, I aim to transcend the matter to give it a second life through the creative and artistic energy and to give a new symbolic meaning on canvas. 

TEN-gallery_Artist_3_Michel d'Outremont.

Michel d'Oultremont


Through my photography, I want

to create emotion.  

I try to render Nature’s beauty

by showing an aesthetic aspect

of the biodiversity.

TEN-gallery_Artist_4_Michel Moreau.jpeg

Damien Moreau


Damien Moreau, Belgian sculptor from Brussels, crafts monumental sculptures from steel which surrounds space and

do the time still. His sculptures create

a vision in the spectator's mind and

let him reach a meditation state.


Eric Ceccarini


Eric CECCARINI  is a Belgian photographer born in 1965. After his Degree in Photography from INFAC, Brussels (1987), he worked for Chopard, Elle, Marie-Claire, L’Oréal, Levi’s, Coca Cola, Virgin, Saab, Delvaux, Lowe Lintas and Ogilvy. 

Eric takes part in a major project dedicated to the Belgian culture and know how in the city of New York. Autumn 2017, the city of Liège is organizing a museum exhibition dedicated to his latest projects in the heart of a cathedral. More than 80 works will be shown.

TEN-gallery_Artist_8_POLA 4.0.png

Pola 4.0

Mixed media

Pola 4.0 is a young self-taught artist from Lille. Her alias, Pola 4.0, is a reference to the famous polaroid format, which was so popular when she was a child; but it also carries a more personal meaning that she enjoys keeping secret...


Kimura Byol

Mixed media

kimura byol-nathalie lemoine is a conceptual multimedia feminist artist who works on identities (diaspora, ethnicity, colorism, post-colonialism, immigration, gender), and expresses it with calligraphy, video, poetry, and conceptual digital images.

TEN-gallery_Artist_6_Christophe de Fierl

Christophe de Fierlant


Christophe de Fierlant Dormer is a Belgian painter and poet.

His paintings are made of movements and colors are abstract expressionist and his poems are the backbone and give emotions.