TEN gallery started as a collective exhibition of 10 artists in Brussels on the request of SilverSquare in 2014. 

In June 2016, the TEN gallery, as a space, was initiated by Stephane Deckers and Ickx Gallery in Knokke.

Since then, the aim of the gallery is to allow collectors to discover new talents who had never exhibited in Knokke and for some artists even never in Belgium nor Europe.


Curator: Stéphane Deckers


He grew up in a family where traditional values and history were from great importance.

At age 18, he started to work as a student at Gallery Henau (Antwerp), one of the most important Primitive Art collection.

Deckers introduced Belgian artists like Luc Dratwa, François Coorens and Joel Moens de Hase in the Bangkok Art galleries prior to TEN gallery.

Sharing & discovery are the cornerstones of the aim of the Gallery.

With TEN gallery, he owns a white cube, able to display his passion and sharing emotions. through the various artworks.